First State Angels invests in early-stage technology deals as well as non-tech deals around the region. Investment decisions are made by each investor individually.

  1. Read -Read about our investment criteria and the types of companies we invest in to see if you are a right fit.
  2. Apply – Fill out our online application form. Upload a business plan with financials,  a power point presentation and a list of other items.
  3. Screening -Companies will be chosen each month for a pitch with our screening committee.
  4. Present to Members -You will present to the full membership online or in person. Meetings are monthly.
  5. Due Diligence -Discovery and due diligence will be done on your company, team, references and technology.
  6. Term Sheet – Terms will be negotiated, including valuation, provisions, and rights.
  7. Funding – Interested parties will invest individually or through an LLC, under the same terms.
  8. Follow-Up -We stay with you for the long haul. Ask us for help and intros, and keep us updated on progress!