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Wilmington, Delaware
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“I’ll take a bad idea with brilliant execution any day.” — Brian Cohen, Chairman of New York Angels

Looking to invest in early-stage companies? Learn how to become an angel investor and find that next investment deal.

We don’t just provide the capital to help get your startup on its feet, but also the guidance to achieve sustained growth. Find out if your company is a match for First State Angels.

We are able to operate and provide the support that emerging companies need through the contributions and efforts of our carefully selected and highly valued sponsors.

Who Are We

We are a network of accredited investors who invest directly into promising early stage businesses. We based in the state of Delaware and we find, fund and mentor early-stage companies within the region.

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What We Do

Our members are entrepreneurs, CEO’s, venture capitalists and business leaders that possess a wide array of industry expertise and together create an extensive network of entrepreneurial support. We mentor and coach the entrepreneurs in whom we invest, serve on their boards, provide contacts and assist with team building, strategic planning, and fundraising.


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Sector Focus

Software, IT, Internet, Tech-Enabled Services, Business Services, Digital Media, Mobile, Healthcare IT, Consumer Products and others


The angel group has a primary focus towards Mid-Atlantic region and surrounding areas.


We invest in seed to early-stage companies with a product and some revenue or at the very minimum a functional prototype with initial customer traction.

Meet, Network, Learn, Enjoy, Invest, Succeed

First State Angels is a professionally managed Angel Group which includes a highly experienced and diverse group of Accredited Investors within the state of Delaware and surrounding area.

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Please feel free to submit a pitch deck or business plan for an opportunity that meets First State Angels’ investment parameters. For more information, see the Investment Criteria section.